Ordeno App for both Restaurants and Consumers

Ordeno App for both Restaurants and Consumers

It is commonly understood that the restaurant business is one of the hardest ventures an entrepreneur can undertake. Over 60% of restaurants fail in their first year, and 80% close by their fifth year — but why? Could it be operational costs? Location? The guest experience or even the food itself? More often than not, operational costs, the guest experience, and lack of vision ultimately cause a restaurant to fail — but one app has burst onto the market to change the face of modern dining and help restaurants cut operational costs while increasing revenue.

Introducing Ordeno, the revolutionary new app strategically designed to help restaurants thrive and cultivate a seamless experience for consumers. Designed as a one-stop shop for all transactions, Ordeno empowers patrons to place their orders, pay their tabs, and earn rewards all from their mobile devices. Consequently, this system eliminates over 450 hours of operational hours per month in managing transactions alone while increasing revenue by a large margin.

Founded in 2020 by Eric Klein (COO), Luis Saavedra (CEO), and Rafael Tola (CTO), the Ordeno App brilliantly optimizes the backend operations for restaurant business owners, equipping them with the tools and resources they need to enhance the guest experience and expand clientele.

In development for over two years, Ordeno is already making waves across the restaurant scene in Barcelona. Patrons who have experienced the Ordeno App in full-swing have become captivated by its ease of use, streamlined process, and customized promotions.

"After years of development, research, and meticulous trial and error, we managed to go to market with a solid MVP which will undoubtedly change the consumer experience across the food and beverage sector. We are beyond excited to share our success in Barcelona and look forward to the next chapter for Ordeno. Now is the time for growth and development at a time where user acquisition is necessary and the future looks bright." – Eric Klein, COO Ordeno

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to changing the face of the food tech sector, Ordeno's purpose-driven vision can begin to come to fruition. As Ordeno sets its sights high for 2023, they are currently seeking like-minded investors and programmers to come alongside the team and continue the trajectory of immense growth into the new year.

Ordeno is a new revolutionary app designed to change the face of the food tech sector. Founded in 2020 by Eric Klein (COO), Luis Saavedra (CEO), and Rafael Tola (CTO), Ordeno is strategically designed to solve the common problems facing both restaurants and consumers. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, research-based data, and collective community to meet the needs of daily consumers while empowering restaurants everywhere to take orders, and payments and increase revenue all in one app. This groundbreaking system is set to streamline the in-dining experience by cutting out operational costs and processes for restaurants while providing patrons with a quick and seamless outing.