Staff overworking in Japan

Staff overworking in Japan

Japanese work environment is so intense to the extent that people the 1970s invented karoshi, a word that can be translated literally as overwork death in Japanese and represents occupational sudden mortality. The major medical cause of karoshi deaths are heart attacks and strokes due to stress, a starvation diet, and long work hours. Korashi also involves employees committing suicides due to overwork.

The first case of karoshi was registered in 1969 when a 29-year-old male working in the shipping department of Japan’s largest newspaper company died after suffering from a stroke. It wasn’t until 1978 that pattern of people suffering from fatal strokes and heart failure attributed to overwork was brought to light. The term was brought into public usage in 1982 when it was used on a book dealing with the issue.

The term korashi emerged into Japanese public life during the mid-80s Bubble Economy when several high-ranking business executives in their prime years suffered from a sudden death without any previous sign of illness. It was then that the phenomenon started to be seen as a serious menace for people in the workforce, which prompted the Japanese Ministry of Labour to start publishing statistics on karoshi in 1987.

Although the initiative was meant to decrease the number of karoshi cases, another employee death due to overwork took place in July 2013. 31-year-old journalist Miwa Sado died of heart failure after logging 159 hours of overtime in one month at the news network NHK. Her death, however, wasn’t registered as a karoshi case until October 2017.

Meanwhile, in 2015, a 24-year-old employee of Japanese advertising behemoth Dentsu jumped to her death off a balcony in a company dorm room where she lived after working more than 100 hours in the month leading up to her suicide. Dentsu’s president and CEO, Tadashi Ishii, resigned a month after the horrible event.

Japanese work culture

The concept of karoshi can be traced back to the aftermath of World War II. With a war-torn country, Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida prioritised fostering Japan’s economy. One of his initiatives was to prompt major corporations to offer their employees lifelong job security in exchange for workers’ loyalty.

Although the plan worked to boost Japan’s economy, turning a war-torn country into the largest economy in the world, Japanese workers had to give up work life balance. Within a decade of the start of Yoshida’s plan, karoshi cases started to take place. With the purpose of making good impressions on their bosses and due to their loyalty ties with the company, workers started to sacrifice their personal time in favour of their jobs.

The long hours in the office, sleep deprivation and the burden of meeting with their employers’ demands started to take a toll in Japanese workers, prompting a number of them to suicide or suffer strokes and heart attacks. These fatalities were recognised as being job-related and the phenomenon was known as occupation sudden death.

Despite the population and government’s awareness of this ailment, work-life balance in Japan is not much better today. After surveying 10,000 Japanese workers in 2016, a report focused on karoshi cases found that 20% of the respondents worked at least 80 hours of overtime a month. Half of the workers who took part in the survey admitted that they don’t take paid vacations. According to the report, 20% of Japanese workers work an overage of 49 hours or longer each week.

Although karoshi used to affect mostly the male force, female case of karoshi are increasingly being reported. Young employees are usually expected to work long hours to climb up the corporate ladder. Some bosses expect employees to arrive early and leave late, which is the case of Takehiro Onuki, a 31-year-old salesman who regularly starts at 8 a.m. and finishes at midnight. The same happens to many other Japanese employees who work in white-collar jobs where hierarchies are quite rigid. Advancement is earned through great strenuous effort. It is not common for workers to leave their jobs, even if they are unhappy or overworked, because starting a new job means starting from scratch and not at the level they left. This leads to a generation of workers who seem to be devoted to their work.

Exciting Online Work from Home Jobs

Exciting Online Work from Home Jobs

Working from was a dream in the past years since one had to travel to their workplace. No matter what, one had to appear to get paid at the end month. There's been an exponential increase in online jobs that one can do at home, provided you have the resources and skills required to complete the tasks. All you need is a laptop or a smartphone and an internet service that is accessible anywhere. Mentorship is also necessary to understand what one is supposed to do in any given task. This article has all the information required to start earning money with an online job at home.

Affiliate Marketer - It's a market plan by which a company compensates affiliates partners for their marketing tactics. Some firms frequently pay by sales, clicks, or impressions of a product or service. This creates a brand awareness of a company. An online job earns a commission by referring a customer to buy a company's product using an affiliate link on your website. A percentage of the sale is deposited in your account for any activity via your link. Virtual Recruiter - Their role ranges from simple tasks like data entry or transcription to complex web research analysis, photo-shop edits, travel planning, in-depth LinkedIn search, and accountings. All that one does is define their expertise and offer them in any freelancer website. Jobs are posted recruiters look for potential employees. One is often required to conduct the initial phone interview and pass the best ones to the relevant managers to continue with the process. They used to work offline, but one can even do it at home due to a change of things.

Online Tutor - People who perform well in colleges think everyone is alike, but many struggle to pass their courses. Lots of them need help with their education. They need advice concerning reports or challenging research papers to submit in time. These are online jobs where one earns money by teaching students what you know all across the world while at home. The sort of money one can make depends on the courses and classes you teach.

Copywriter, Proofreader or Translator - If writing is your passion, don't hesitate to turn it into a source of income. Not all people are skilled in writing sales messages, comprehensive descriptions or social media posts, so many are happy to outsource such tasks. Also, many entrepreneurs need editing, translation or proofreading of their articles or blog posts for other markets. All that you need is to capture that clientele and offer them your skills and experience. Language Tutor - many are eager to learn new languages since ancient times. In our modern world, mastering new languages has become much more accessible than centuries or decades ago. Is English your mother tongue? It doesn't matter; one is always sure to find students willing to learn or practice your language. If you have don't have teaching experience, add a distinctive element to your resume.

Voice Over - Many businesses are searching for male or female voices to narrate their marketing videos. Audiobooks, podcast intros, TV/Radio commercials, tutorials, and voicemails are examples of online jobs requiring professional voiceovers. If you have excellent vocal skills in any language, there's a vast opportunity for you to earn money with them. It's an easy job that requires a computer, a good microphone and a room with decent acoustics.

Accountant - Budgeting and accounting are the worst nightmares of many entrepreneurs; no wonder many businesses are looking for a way to outsource these complex tasks. If you are good with numbers and have some accounting experience to show, your clientele is undoubtedly out there. It's even better for anyone with legal knowledge to set up a business, prepare contracts, or register trademarks. The skill maybe is relevant in your location but highly demanded.

Suppose any of the following jobs suit you to work online while at home, do not hesitate to grab this opportunity that gives you a flexible working condition. Find any task for part-time or full-time to earn extra cash. To have a continuous flow of income, always try to stay ahead of the emerging trend in the digital market and have a unique digital skillset. This will make you stand up competitions.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Digital Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Technological advancement has led to the success of many businesses in the world. Many of them are slowly embracing new digital marketing techniques. These strategies are relatively cheaper compared to the traditional ones. They are excellent techniques where one is dealing with assets of high value. Since people spend much time on social media reading different posts, you should ensure that your business is on social media by posting high-quality content to attract and interact with them. The following are the best strategies one can incorporate in a realtor and real estate company.

Sharing of Video Content: To give the business great credibility, one needs to share excellent videos showcasing your assets. Apart from showcasing videos, one may see the need to post videos for testimonies about their services. They serve a good purpose for marketing your business. To attract more people, consider posting them on a high-traffic platform like YouTube. Creation of a Good Website: Since many people would like to know more about your company, most will start searching on the internet to see if your business is legit for them to engage in any activity with it. That's why any company needs to have a perfect website to attract potential customers who want to trade with you. It gives you much information concerning a business on what products or services they are offering.

Optimization of Keywords: Search engine optimization holds the highest position in digital marketing. So, on your company's website, ensure the content posted is SEO-optimized to rank higher on Google search. A business will have much exposure by including phrases like 'real estate business nearby' in your content. Email Marketing: One advertises the company by sending personalized content to the targeted audience via email as a digital marketing strategy. When sending the emails, make sure they don't annoy the potential customers as they end up in the spam folder. To ensure it reaches the targeted audience, always include CTAs in the email to take action when they want.

Hosting Webinars and Digital Events: It assists in building your business's brand by providing the attendees with valuable information. In these events, one can present different company issues, create a webinar about the same, and share it with potential clients. Just like other strategies, webinars and events are also great for generating leads on Google. Content marketing: The main aim is to build trust and promotion brands between the business and its audience. These contents can be of different forms of blogs, articles, or any educational piece of media. They assist the company in increasing its website traffic by improving the results of your search engine. Use of Chatbots: They are excellent in improving live chats customer service, bypassing questions to service representatives whenever they are available. Some of them are more advanced in that they use Artificial Intelligence to handle some of the requests all by themselves.

Hosting Live Chats: It's an emerging trend used by various businesses as a form of digital customer support where potential clients are given instant access to the company's information. The customers can get instant answers regarding the questions they could not find on the company's websites. Run of Social Media Ads: Social media is one of the best platforms for placing an advertisement for any business. To impress potential customers, one needs to combine posting content and running ads for the company. Facebook is a highly effective media platform to start with as it charges very cheap to run ads compared to others. Influencer Marketing: This is another way of reaching the target audience through digital channels—one partner with celebrities sites or experts in their field share similar values. The business then reaches its audience through these influencer followers.

An increase in technological development has led to the application of digital marketing to search for clients by many businesses today. As time goes by, all companies will fully embrace video marketing, content marketing, website creation, and other digital marketing strategies for their businesses to thrive. To establish a healthy completion in the realtor and real estate business, consider using the techniques listed in this article for your digital marketing. Since these strategies have not gained much popularity among many companies, they will certainly provide your company with many customer opportunities.

Students learn real skills in virtual businesses

Students learn real skills in virtual businesses

One thousand three hundred students from every corner of the United States flocked to Pasadena, California, to talk about businesses they had set up. This is not an influx of young entrepreneurs and new startups in the world, as the businesses are completely virtual. Therefore, their products and services are not real and only virtual money is exchanged.

Organised by Virtual Enterprises International, the conference resembled a trade show, housing numerous virtual businesses offering products such as communications technology or food. The New York City-based group says it helps high school students learn modern business skills such as problem solving, communication and technology. The group stated that the project was inspired by the European tradition of apprenticeships in which students learn from people already working in a business or trade.

During the event, students from Miguel Contreras Business and Tourism School in Los Angeles tried to get customers for their virtual business, Big City Tours. The creators, who got some help from their teacher Darrel Iki, said that their business stands out for providing virtual tours to different parts of Los Angeles, providing customers with a a great guide to the city’s ethnic heritage, take them to see high-end fashion or visit stores.

Meanwhile, students from Century High School in Santa Ana, California, were selling a translation device designed for travellers. According to students and teachers, the experience of creating a business feels very realistic. Students start with a business plan, then they establish a hierarchy and, according to Iki, they learn to work together, having a common goal in a potentially successful business.

Nick Chapman, president and national program director for Virtual Enterprises International, said that students soon realise that operating a business takes a lot of effort and time. They’re running meetings, they’re networking, they’re meeting with professionals, they’re working with mentors, all of the things that are really going to set them apart when they get into college and then move on into their careers, he stated.

Chapman also said that Virtual Enterprise International program welcomes 13,000 students each year. Students seem quite content with this experience and have declared that working on creating their own business will help them in the future when they enter the real world.

One of the students from Century High School, Miguel Santin, stated that while creating this company, it takes strong communication skills to run a company. He also said that he now understands the pressure of running a company. Working in a virtual company called Taste of the World, he was tasked with overseeing employment and digital media for the virtual company.This virtual company was conceived as a subscription service and it sends samples to customers through the mail.

One of the students from Century High School, Miguel Santin, stated that while creating this company, it takes strong communication skills to run a company. He also said that he now understands the pressure of running a company. Working in a virtual company called Taste of the World, he was tasked with overseeing employment and digital media for the virtual company.This virtual company was conceived as a subscription service and it sends samples to customers through the mail.

You really need to be hands on with your employees and make sure you guys have strong communication. Otherwise the company just won’t prosper as much as you would expect.

Teacher Alan Gerston, who helped set up Taste of the World, explained, You sign up for three months, six months, a year, and you receive a snack box with trinkets and information about the company every single month throughout your subscription time.

You would pay within our virtual economy, Gerston said, using virtual money in a web-based simulated bank system, he explained. All the kids in the program have bank accounts…so when they buy something, we give them a receipt, he added.

Stephen Jarvis, from the Elizabeth Learning Centre in Cudahy, California, told VOA that there is a lot to learn. He added, It isn’t just selling something. It’s all the things that go on behind the scenes – creating documents, figuring out if you’re making money or losing money.

Catalina Garcia, a senior who received financial assistance to become a doctor, is a student entrepreneur with the Big City Tours project, and she admitted, It’s helped me a lot because when I was trying to get the scholarship, I went to the interviews, and being in this company has helped me really prepare my presentation skills and be able to talk to other people.

Despite of what she does in the future and even though she will become a doctor rather than an entrepreneur, Garcia is sure that the skills she has gained creating the virtual project will help her in the future.